Aneta Grabiec


(Award winning author)
Aneta Grabiec, MA, psychologist, nutritional therapist, Hormonal Wellbeing Expert, Award-winning author of: Shortcut To Your Fertility, acknowledged by the Royal Family for How To Be Good Enough, seen on BBC, mentioned in Forbes and NYC Journal. Public speaker (available on demand), hosted on countless podcasts and interviews, authored many wellbeing programs and articles, Aneta works with individuals and couples on their emotional, physical wellbeing and fertility.

My books

How to be good enough

Would you like to feel good enough? Aneta Grabiec is an award-winning author, experienced psychologist, and wellness educator with over 20 years of experience shaped by a no-nonsense mentorship style and a non-conformist approach to life. How To Be Good Enough: A Practical Book On Living Joyfully is a practical and simply written book that has helped many with such dilemmas as subconscious programming, unresolved trauma patterns, nervous system dysregulation, psychological conflict, environmental toxins, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, poor sleep quality, information overload, lack of joy, overworking, toxic relationships, destructive thinking patterns and lack of self-worth. This and more are achievable through the reading of this book.

Shortcut To Your Fertility

How To Get Pregnant, acknowledged by Her Majesty The Queen, listed in The British Library, award-winning book will help you to shortcut and navigate on your fertility journey and solve so-called ‘unexplained infertility. The Structure is simple and allows you to work in your own time, ability and convenience.
The tips, exercises and practices in this book are designed and sequenced to better and deeper your self-awareness, building up your knowledge towards what works and is important to you, your wellbeing, your fertility and overall life.

Wellbeing Classes

Aneta is a recognised Senior Yoga teacher accredited by Yoga Alliance and trained in many styles; from pre-/postnatal, hormone balancing, to yoga supporting life conditions and therapeutic practices. She teaches regular group class every Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm UK time. You can book it HERE and the link to my paypal


Fertility Yoga Class

Mindful meditation

Nutrition On The Budget eBook


For private/corporare classes and wellbeing retreat inquire directly